November 2012

What is the average price of homeowners insurance?

The average price of homeowners insurance doesn’t really tell much about insurance rates nationally, because the annual premium varies so widely from state to state. The average is pretty much just a number, not a reality.

For example, homeowners in Utah might feel pretty smug about paying just $530 per annum on average for homeowner insurance when they hear that the average annual premium countrywide is $853, according to Paying hundreds of dollars less for insurance than does the average homeowner across the U.S. is a pretty good feeling.

Homeowners insurance company ratings can help inform a buyer

Homeowners insurance company ratings are a snapshot of how well an insurer approaches the job of giving homeowners peace of mind. The ratings vary, but any company that consistently ranks relatively well is a safe bet to be a good company for most consumers.

Affordable homeowners insurance begins with good credit

Affordable homeowners insurance is not a human right. Affordability comes and goes according to various factors, not all of them within a homebuyer’s control. But one factor can be controlled by a would-be homeowner: credit rating.