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Here are 6 premium-reducing features in a home

When people go house-shopping, they usually do not look at properties with insurance savings in mind. Yet they should, because the house that seems perfect in many ways might be a real dog in terms of its insurability. So a wise house-hunter will factor into his search one or two considerations about insurance—and will continue to think about it after he has moved into the home and unpacked.

Home insurance and dogs: Key facts to know

Dogs are man’s best friend, unless man owns a home and then the relationship is a little more complicated. The dog may remain the man’s friend if it doesn’t bite and otherwise provoke insurance claims. Unfortunately, enough dogs have brought grief to insurance companies that a red flag has been permanently raised about them.

Here are some home insurance tips for spring weather

Spring is both a delight and a hazard. We tend to be mesmerized by the delight and forget the real hazard that the season brings to us as homeowners. In those clear blue and warm skies loom strong winds and violent storms that will peel the shingles right off a roof and send streams rushing into a foyer.

Assessing home flood insurance needs is a top priority

Floodwaters sometimes cover a piece of property that has never before been touched by overflowing groundwater. This unpleasant surprise is destructive for lots of reasons. Valuable personal or business items are ruined, buildings are damaged, and property owners without flood insurance are devastated. This is why assessing home flood insurance is a vitally important activity for a homeowner.

Shopping for coastal home insurance is a necessity

Some insurance shopping may be optional. Shopping around for a coastal home insurance policy is not. If a home is located within a mile or two of a coastline, a homeowner absolutely must pound the pavement—or click through the internet—and actively seek out and compare policies and rates that will protect property against offshore storms.