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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Homeowners insurance quotes online are a fact of commercial life. Any adult who is paying attention knows that getting free, relatively detailed insurance quotes online—and comparing them with others gotten online—is a wonderful and relatively recent addition to a consumer’s toolbag.

Quick internet access saves time. Think how many minutes are consumed looking up an insurance agent, calling and making an appointment, climbing in the car to keep the appointment, and then meeting and discussing possible premium options. Now think how long it takes to enter the name of an insurer in an internet search engine, get a quote from the company, and look up the address of a local independent or company agent to talk about the quote. No comparison.

The online quote also saves a homeowner from embarrassment. Industry jargon can be confusing. When an agent—even one trying his best not to confuse—drops in elementary terms that nonetheless mean nothing to a homeowner who is reluctant to ask for an explanation, a breakdown in communication has begun. Better that a property owner gets preliminary homeowners insurance quotes online and tackles the jargon later when he is refining the quotes.

Perhaps the biggest boon to home buyers is the ability to quickly compare online quotes. The key to doing so effectively is to be certain that the same coverage is sought from each insurer so that the comparison is apples and apples. Independent agents are ready to help with policy comparisons, perhaps after a rough determination of value is made by an insurance customer.

Agents are vital in explaining the vital details of a policy. Online quotes are based on good, general information, but every house and every homeowner are a different combination. All of the possible variables in a policy affect the final premium and a knowledgeable agent becomes a homeowner’s best friend in the refinement of a quote.

Homeowners insurance quotes online are a marvelous way to explore insurance policies and get a feel for what is out there. Only a foolish homeownerwould buy a policy with no more information than is given in such a quote. For the rest, insurance agents are available to turn the quote into a perfect policy option.


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A home insurance estimate is only as good as the data

A home insurance estimate is, first of all, an estimate. It is a ballpark figure that lets a homebuyer calculate his monthly home cost as part of a future budget. Consequently, an accurate estimate is valuable information going forward. An inaccurate estimate can lead to painful financial realizations as a homebuyer settles into his new home. A wise consumer will try to come as close as possible to nailing down a monthly home insurance figure.

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