Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I evaluate my home insurance policy?

    The majority of Americans now purchase homeowners insurance through online independent agents.   Most of us are guilty of purchasing our homeowners policy, paying the premium and filling the policy certificate away without really reviewing it until the carrier asks for a large premium increase the upcoming year.  You should always review your policy to make sure you know what the coverage limits are for one of your largest assets.   The Insurance Information institute recommends that you review your policy twice annually.  You need to make sure your coverage’s keep up with any changes to your home, lifestyle or family. 

    When should I evaluate my home insurance policy?

    • The best time to evaluate your current home insurance policy is when it comes up for renewal.   Your current carrier will send out a renewal notice with any premium or coverage changes for the upcoming year.  Give your current independent insurance broker a call with any questions regarding the new premium or coverage levels.  Here are some good questions to ask your current broker:
      • Are you offering the maximum discounts for my home?
      • How many insurance carriers do you do business with?
      • Am I losing any coverage’s this year?
        • I.E.  Sink Hole
      • Do I have different deductibles for various risks?
      • Should I increase my coverage limits?
      • Do I have the option to raise my deductible to lower premiums?
      • Did I have proper replacement cost estimation?
      • What are my coverage levels for personal property?
  • What is Homeowners Insurance?

    Homeowners insurance is sometimes referred to as home insurance, hazard insurance or house insurance (in many instances insurance companies refer to HOI) is a category of property insurance that covers residential homes from financial disaster.  You pay a premium throughout the year to insure that your home is protected against covered perils or lawsuits. 

     A “home insurance policy” covers defined perils like fire, wind and left.    Items a typical homeowner’s insurance policy would cover are:

    • Loss of Use
    • Dwelling
    • Other Structures
    • Personal Liability
    • Medical Payments
    • Personal Property (contents)
  • How much does Home Insurance cost?

    There are many variables that will determine how much you will pay for your home insurance policy.  As a smart consumer you should always understand what can make your rate go up or down.  Here are a list of items that can affect your premiums:

    • Dwelling Coverage
    • Other Coverage’s
    • Deductibles
    • Home Construction
    • Home Safety