October 2012

Discount homeowners insurance is better than a good deal

What is discount homeowners insurance? An internet search for the term often brings up “affordable” insurance, even “cheap” insurance. Those terms aren’t really helpful because one person’s “affordable” is another person’s “unaffordable.” Furthermore, “cheap” carries a lot of baggage along the lines of “tawdry” and “inferior,” which is not what a responsible homeowner is looking for in an insurance policy.

Compare homeowners insurance and benefit from enterprise

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- When a consumer decides to compare homeowners insurance offerings, he is acting in the best tradition of the free enterprise system. It is a theory commonly expressed in terms of mousetraps: The world will beat a path to the person who builds a better mousetrap. Enterprising retailers win customers because they develop superior “mousetraps” – that is, products or services. Insurance providers also compete on the basis of what they have to offer, and smart homeowners will take advantage of the competition to find the best deal.

Top 10 homeowners insurance companies…which Top 10?

We love “Top 10” anything, from college football teams to the richest people in America. We can’t get enough lists of Top 10. This same impulse drives some people to name the crème de la crème of the homeowners insurance industry and rank them in a Top 10 listing. The problem is, insurance is harder than football. The insurance industry players have more at stake than bragging rights.

Home Insurance Guide

House owners buy insurance policies to secure against huge natural disasters, but when disaster strikes, your insurance company might not live up to your expectations. This might occur when you have a very large claim, based on information from recent studies.   Having some reference or guide to review is great for homeowners in this day and age.

Colorado Home Insurance Rates Going Up

COLORADO, SPRINGS -- Have you received a renewal notice for the month of November?  If so, are your premium rates going up?  You are not the only one getting home insurance increases this month.   Take a look at Mrs. Peterson’s situation in Colorado.

Mrs. Peterson was also astonished when she was given the renewal notice for her home insurance policy a month or so back.