A home insurance buyers’ guide helpful to informed buyers

A home insurance buyers’ guide is a primer with a purpose: to steer alert consumers toward a satisfying purchase of a vital insurance product. That a guide is even needed is proof that the variables in insurance products pose dangers for a buyer. A home insurance policy and the premium paid for it are a sum total of many considerations, and a buyer should exercise due caution in picking coverage for his home.

Online home insurance buyers’ guides vary in their reach and focus. Some are rudimentary, focusing on the basics of home insurance, such as explaining in some detail the need for insurance, the usual levels of coverage, and distinctions between, say, condo and renters insurance. The information in these introductory guides generally is good, but limited in its scope and helpfulness.

Other guides are more comprehensive in their explanation, more nuanced in their breakdown of information. Instead of just explaining the difference between basic insurance coverages, these guides delve into why a homeowner is better served by one insurance product rather than another. These guides are helpful in that they answer questions that many perusing insurance buyers don’t even think about asking.

Still other guides are specifically tied to the insurance needs for residents of a particular state. One of these is the Home Insurance Buyers Guide, LLC, which bills itself as an independent consumer organization. Its mission it is to steer Florida home insurance buyers toward a responsible landing during the current insurance storm pounding the state. The guide is a subscription service that goes several steps beyond generation information.

The home insurance market in Florida is in turmoil compared to most other states, and the guide strives to help consumers find reputable and affordable insurance providers. For a two-week subscription, a potential insurance buyer is given access to a database on insurance providers. This includes ratings for each company, plus pointers on locating companies that offer insurance for homes that are more difficult to insure because of their age or location.

In the end, any of these guides can assist a consumer who is reasonably well-informed. Homework remains a key. A buyer should know his financial circumstances and the coverage necessary for his house to meet mortgage requirements before he seeks further guidance.

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