Sunshine State Homeowners Insurance Company

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If you have just purchased a new home in Florida then it is a must that you get a Sunshine State Florida homeowners insurance quote. Did you just get a renewal increase from your current home insurance carrier? If so, one our independent agents would like to bind you a policy that is affordable and offers you maximum financial protection for your house. Sunshine State Insurance Company offers many of the top rated products in the "Sunshine state". Some of Sunshine's product portfolio includes coverage's for the following:

  • Florida Home Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance Policy
  • "Condo" Condominium
  • Flood Insurance
  • Builders Risk

About Sunshine State Insurance Company Florida

Sunshine State is a privately held insurance carrier doing business in the state of Florida. They have a wide-ranging expertise throughout the entire "Sunshine State". The carrier has been doing business in Florida longer than the majority of all the other domestic carriers. As a private carrier, Sunshine State is able to offer the independence as a highly selective carrier relative to plans and the independent agencies they work with. If Sunshine refers you to an agent, you know that you will be in the hands of a professional.

The state of Florida has over 6,500 licensed independent personal lines agents doing business. Only about 500 of those 6,500 agents meet the carrier's strict criteria guidelines as a Sunshine agent. This insurance company has great reinsurance backing their products with ratings between "A" and "A++" by the standard rating company A.M. Best Company. That gives a Sunshine State policy holder the peace of mind that they have the highest quality carrier insuring a property, while dealing with best in class agents.

Why Use Sunshine State Insurance Company For Your Home?

We all remember the very bad hurricane seasons of the early 2000's. Our beautiful state was hit with seven hurricanes in less than twenty months. Sunshine State leads the pack of insurers by responding in a timely manner with the claims process. Get a Sunshine State homeowner's insurance quote today!