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Jacksonville Florida is considered to be the largest city in the United States relative to both land area and total population. Duval County was formed in 1968 and placed Jacksonville on the map as the 13th most populous city in the U.S. Jacksonville Florida has a population that exceeds 1,300,000 individuals.

Known as the Gate to the Sunshine state, Jacksonville is located in what is called the First Coast region of northeast Florida and is surrounded by the St. Johns River. Jacksonville Florida homeowners understand the beauty of the First Coast and are why the growth of the city has expanded so much over the past twenty years.

Jacksonville Florida offers a robust economy consisting of a large military stronghold. In additional to having one the largest seaports in the United States, Jacksonville offers a local economy encompassing banking, insurance, and healthcare. If you are looking into moving to Jacksonville or just looking to save money on your Jacksonville homeowners insurance policy, give us a call today to discuss.